Hyndsyte  is “Rock n’ roll!…Period!!!!! 

The band made up of  five  seasoned musicians
have been turning heads in North Carolina since they showed up on the scene in 2007.

Their gritty form of true rock has led the band to a well earned place among “bands to watch.”In the vein of rock titans such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Hyndsyte gives a Rock and Roll fan exactly what they would expect:… a true and honest exhibition of who they are down to the core!!

No soft, tempered performances..... just a powerful and energetic display of what they LOVE to do.  With a wide range of classic to current rock anthems complimented by a production that matches the  intensity of the music you get what you came for:…  a passionate perfor­mance!!!

One thing you can always expect is a solid
exhibition of Rock and Roll at its
most powerful !!!